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The Faculty is an ancestor of the Pedagogic school, which was created with a decree, issued by King Boris III in 1943. Thus, sixty years ago, the foundations of the first public higher school in Bourgas, Southeast Bulgaria, were laid.

In 1963, with the decree No 162 of the Ministerial Council, an Institute of Chemical Technology was founded. In 1969 it was named after the prominent Bulgarian scientist Prof. Dr Assen Zlatarov and became a Higher Institute of Chemical Technology.

In 1995, by virtue of the decision of the 37th National Assembly, the Institute was transformed into Prof. Dr Assen Zlatarov University. Following this Act, all the higher public schools and colleges, including the Pedagogic Faculty, which was the ancestor of the first public pedagogic school, got incorporated in the University.

The faculty of Social Sciences is a learning and scientific section of Assen Zlatarov University Bourgas, designed for preparation of under-graduate and post-graduate students, as well as for research work. It combines classical and modern specialties in the field of pedagogy, economy and management. It prepares highly qualified specialists, needed for the branches of the national economy, in the following specialties:

  • Business management
  • Marketing
  • Industrial management
  • Tourism
  • Social pedagogy
  • Psychology
  • Pre-school and primary school pedagogy
  • Primary school pedagogy and foreign language
  • Pre-school pedagogy and foreign language
  • Bulgarian phylology


1650 full-time and extramural students are trained in the specialties of the Faculty. Students obtain Bachelor (4 years of study) and Master (5 years of study).


The education center has been preparing pedagogic specialists for 63 years and economic specialist for 15 years.

The education of the under-graduates and post-graduates is organized in compliance with the state requirements of the Higher Education Law of Republic of Bulgaria.

The admission of students for a Bachelor degree is commissioned by the state.


The Faculty has at its disposal a building of its own, lecture halls, offices, a sporting complex, and specialized laboratories with a rich material base designed for students education.


The learning and educational process is supported by a rich faculty library. It has periodicals and specialized literature in different specialties.




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